If you want to bring your life and your professionalism to the next level…

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Learn and get ahead like young people in Switzerland-you can make it..


If you want to bring your life and your professionalism to the next level

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Dual Track Apprenticeship

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The most important is your talent – trust in your capacity to get further ahead than you ever thought and achieve a new social and economic situation by learning one of five recognized profession


Short Courses


Cabinet Maker

Myanmar is a country full of abundance with teak. So, teak industry is kind of Myanmar traditional economic. However, difficult to search in skilled worker…

Commercial Assistant

There is no educational training for commercial students in Myanmar. It is possible to study economics at the university, but this is purely theoretical and…


The business of electric installations is not without its risk in an environment with heavy rain-falls and floods. Secure installations are relatively expensive and are…

Hotel & Gastronomy

As any expert will tell you Myanmar is still only a tourist destination for insiders. It does however allow you to experience the real Asia.…

Metal Worker

Progress is also evident in Myanmar and in spite of the slow economic growth, there is a rising need for products made of metal. Poverty…

General Education

Our department was founded in 2014. At first, two subjects, Myanmarsar and General Education, English Subject, were included in the department.

If you want to bring your life and your professional to next level

The dual education/ Apprenticeship program for the young people at the Center for Vocational Training provide the ‘Theory’ part of professional vocational education for the Myanmar youths who are start working at their chosen work places as the ‘Apprentices’.

About VET at CVT

In a three-year course, students are trained to be professional people. The practical skills they learn at work in the teaching and the practical courses…



Mission “E4Y” stands for Education for Youth and is a program which significantly improves the opportunities for disadvantaged children to enter the pathway of further…


Post Graduate Programs

The dual Vocational Training at CVT aims at improving efficiency and quality, at multiplying the know-how also in rural areas as well as to empower…


Why Choose Our CVT


a non- profit making organization, founded in 2002. a Swiss Association registered in Myanmar as INGO (Reg-No. 0057) following the sample of Swiss and German “Dual Vocational Education”, where practice and theory are combined is working together with its partner companies to train higher skilled labor following the aim of poverty reduction through skills development

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CVT offers a high quality standard vocational model education inspired by the Swiss dual educational system CVT contributes to significantly improve the vocational education in Myanmar CVT/E4Y provides a bridge to reintegrate young people and enables them to start a professional career

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Securing the future employment for the younger generation in Myanmar by vocational education Through education strengthen the country’s economy and contribute to the needs of the industries Quality Approach: High skilled training through up to date curricula’s and professional experts Improve business for the training companies and the entire economy

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Frequently Asked Questions


The young people who are willing to learn ‘Theory’ at the CVT and ‘Know how, Practice and Skills’ at the work place about three years
Young people who intend to start working in their chosen business
Man or Women can apply, women participation will be strongly encouraged
Priority will be given to applicants in 17th to 22th years old
8th Standard (or) 10th Standard Level

Commercial Assistant,
Cabinet Maker,
Hotel & Gastronomy Assistant
Metal Worker and
Vocational Orientation Program for out-of-school youngsters (E4Y).

Within a three year period, the apprentices get familiar with their related professions through their daily work at the training companies. CVT complements the practical knowledge with the theoretical aspects on one school day per week. The apprentices have to attend CVT from 8 am to 4:45 pm. In addition to the weekly school day, CVT organizes every apprenticeship year a compulsory practical training course PTC of about two to three weeks.

In those courses, the apprentices learn some important details and discover aspects that they might not come across at their training companies. After three years, the apprentices prove their gained levels of knowledge in Final Exams, in both, Practice and Theory. If successfully passed, they receive a Certificate of Professional Capacity into their hands.

January and February in every year, youths can apply with their work place agreement to attend the ‘Apprenticeship’ to get this junior professional certificate or Diplomas
March is the usually last date for the applications
Admission test will be also in March and announcement the list to attend at the CVT will be in the first week of April.
School opening date is first week of May for every year.

Center for Vocational Training
No.27, Arnandar Paya Road, Thingangyun,
Yangon, Myanmar.Postal code: 11071
Phone: 09 7316 6206, 09 250 640 608

the companies are requested to contribute for the one apprentice’s fees 100,000 kyats per year ( scholarship request is accepted with good reasons), company registration fees only for the first time is 100,000 kyats and annual fees is 20,000 kyats.
Application forms are available at the CVT office or can be requested from: info@cvtmyanmar.com
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Partners of CVT Myanmar


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