My name is Mg Aung Zaw Nyunt; I am attending the metal worker course Batch 14. I am very pleased to attend this course. With a certificate from CVT, I no longer have to think about going abroad for work. A certificate is important to find a job but the more important thing is to understand the nature of your work and to know what you have to do. Before I attended CVT Myanmar, I was working as a trainee under the supervision of a mechanical engineer and I could only learn practical but no theoretical skills there. Before joining CVT Myanmar, I couldn’t read the drawing samples I received from customers. Now after attending CVT, I can clearly understand those drawings. I am very satisfied because we do not only get vocational skills but also learn about safety and many other things. Actually, CVT is not only preparing us to be skillful workers but also teaches us how to handle problems which we are facing in our daily lives, how to be a better follower and a good leader. If we want to start a business, we learn how to develop a strategic plan for the business we want to start. If we want to produce a new product, we learn what to consider and to do first and how to improve our personal skills, like how to behave in society and the community and so on. Therefore, I am very pleased and thank all the teachers from CVT and CVT Myanmar.
Aung Zaw Nyunt
From Batch 14
Tun Mechanical


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