Vocational Orientation Program-E4Y

E4Y students learn most of the subjects through practical. Involving students in different activities and letting them take the leading role in the event help them to get more confidence. Teachers use various teaching methods to get the student’s comprehension and application level. To our delight, the first year students have changed their behavior a lot after they have studied the Civic Education subject.
In October, the 2nd year students visited around Yangon as part of their learning in Human & Nature subject. 3rd Year students did their practical work in CVT’s PTC in regard to the EL, MW and CM profession that showed them to see more of their future profession after schooling at E4Y. The final year students went to companies and workplaces to learn more about their chosen profession. As our students are coming from difficult and low-income families, they sometimes skip their breakfasts. Our subject teacher, Daw Myat Myat Soe pours her great sympathy to her students and she donates breakfast for all the students once a week throughout the school year.
E4Y is not only given quality education to students, but also shared its teaching techniques to the teachers from formal schools and monastic schools. The “Playful Teaching Training” held in July in cooperation with SAD (Swiss Academy for Development) with (26) participants where the teachers had a lot of fun and valuable techniques. Oral Hygiene Training was given by Mrs. Iris Ebener together with our teacher U Pyae Phyo Thein in Tayzaryarma monastic school. The Myanmar Games, Module 4 of FES (Further Education in Sports) were held for (3) times in 2017 with the total participants of (72) and (12) local instructors where the PE teachers of formal schools were joining in each training.
E4Y teachers also obtained the different trainings through the experts from Switzerland. Mr. Ricco Ebener shared the systematic approach of Lesson Plan, Curriculum and Year Plan in May 2017. English Teachers Association Switzerland (ETAS) came and shared General English (4 skills) with our team in September 2017. In October and beginning of November 2017, Mr. Willi Stierli came for second time for general science subject, especially for experiments using microscopes and binoculars. Mrs. Petra Schade transferred the method of teaching in E4Y that our teachers refreshed the OTHER Lesson structure, teachers’ role and assessment method. The Team Workshop at CVT for (2) days were held and participated by all E4Y teachers in 1st batch from 2nd & 3rd December which was very productive and applicable for the organization development.

New Year 2018 is coming soon and E4Y is planning for its New Intake 2018 – 2019

We are happy to announce that we are going to open (2) classes in the coming year. The children with below criteria are welcomed to register at E4Y;
– Age between (13) to (14) years old
– Less access to formal school or out-of-school children
– Able to read, write and calculate basically (basic literacy & numerical skills)
– Committed for long term education
The NFE providers, NGOs, CBOs and orphanage are requested to cooperate with E4Y to help and create the continuing learning pathway for our Myanmar Youngsters.